Does the worry end at the start of employment?

Fair Screen’s monitoring solutions help ensure that your employees continue to meet your eligibility criteria during the course of their employment.

 We offer ongoing monitoring for a number of services, and these re-checks can be conducted periodically (such as annually), or with automatic ongoing checks to reveal changes in near real-time.

There are many types of criminal checks available to search an applicant’s history before hire. After they are hired, employers may wish to perform subsequent criminal checks. Periodic rechecks can be performed at the state, county or federal level. Electronic data sets like our national criminal search, registry checks, and various watch lists can be configured for automatic rechecks to alert you to new criminal cases in near real-time.

Fair Screen can help you with periodic re-checks of your employees who drive for the company to ensure that no significant changes in their driving records which would increase your liability exist. For positions involving heavy driving demands, clients may wish to enroll in our ongoing monitoring system to be automatically notified of changes in an employee’s driving record.

Professional Licensure
Fair Screen’s Professional License Verification confirms processional licenses claimed by your applicants. We can perform period re-checks at an interval you select, or many electronic searches can be automatically monitored for changes and actions.

Exclusions & Sanctions
Our team can search a variety of state and federal exclusion sources to help make sure your job applicants haven’t been excluded from participation in federal health care programs. Clients can select a recurring interval, or configure electronic monitoring in near real-time.