Electronic i9

Fair Screen can make the I-9 process paperless with advanced technology to fully automate the completion, signature, storage and tracking of I-9 forms.

Our team will help you develop a customized program to reduce errors, streamline processes, and increase the efficiency of your onboarding process.

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Prevent costly errors
  • Easy to track and manage all I-9 issues using our web ordering platform
  • Continuous updates to ensure compliance
  • Step by step transition plans
  • Access to Form I-9 experts
E-Verify Logo


Fair Screen provides integrated E-Verify accessibility from either the Electronic Form I-9 or as a standalone service.

Our team can guide you the E-Verify MOU process, and help with the necessary training and documentation required for E-Verify access.

  • Immediate Results
  • Easy One-Click or Automatic E-Verify processing from the Electronic Form I-9
  • E-Verify only options
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Action Required Status
  • No Action Required Status
  • Inappropriate Case Closure Database
  • Photo Tool Document Retention Alerts
  • Management Alerts – TNC’s, Updates and Case Closure
  • Federal Contractor E-Verify Best Practices
  • Reporting and Training
  • Implementation and Best Practices Consulting

Remote Hires

Fair Screen recognizes that remote hiring is becoming increasingly popular with the modern workforce.

Our solution for verifying the employment eligibility of remote hires can help relieve one of the biggest headaches employers face.

  • Our mobile friendly system allows hires to remotely complete your I-9 process via tablets, smart phones and laptops.
  • Option to sign the Form I-9 using a mouse, stylus, or finger (if using a tablet), or click to sign to attest the information is correct.
  • Reduce turnaround from days to minutes, and make your hires happy.
  • Our system allows you to complete Section 2 utilizing a spouse, neighbor, friend, or authorized company agent. We even deliver access to 14,000 trained notaries.

Audit Support

In the event you are audited by USCIS, our team can help you to prepare.

Many companies choose to perform a pro-active mock audit to reveal errors and problems before they lead to fines or criminal charges. Contact our team for more information.