Fair Screen takes candidate experience to the next level! We constantly put ourselves in your applicant’s shoes. We have sought applicant feedback on our processes, communication, and applicant input even played a key role in the development of our web ordering platform.

Process Initiation

We give our clients many options. The screening process can be initiated through your ATS / HRIS system or mobile application, via email, or even texting. For some situations, we will even host a web-based self-registration link.

Applicant Forms

There are a number of federal and state documents which MUST be completed for a background check. We take great care to display these logically, and in a mobile friendly system. In addition, we limit the forms only to what is needed for the package ordered and jurisdiction. 

Data Entry

Fair Screen limits the required fields in our system based on the specific package you ordered. For example, we would only collect driver’s license information when you’ve ordered a package which includes a driving record. Our approach limits the required information. When an ATS or HRIS integration is present, information from your application can also pre-populate our system fields to prevent your applicant from having to re-enter data. 


When completing required forms or collecting information needed to complete the background check, we take great care to make the experience positive with clear communication about the steps and process. Our clients also have the option of customizing (or branding) communications to make them more consistent with their onboarding experience.  


If there are problems, we proactively reach out to the applicant to resolve them. We also give clients the option of keeping the applicant informed of their progress throughout the screening process.  

Data Security

Applicants worry any time they are asked to provide their personal information. In addition to good communication up front, we make them feel comfortable by seeing the https padlock on our web ordering platform. In addition, the displayed security certificate also matches our web domain…rather than the shared domain or shared certificate used by most screening firms.