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Uptime Percent

With an industry-leading uptime percentage of more than 99%, Fair Screen customers can rely on consistent access to our user-friendly technology platform 24/7/365. In addition, we are proud to deliver more flexibility and customization than the competition.

Cutting Edge Platform Security

Fair Screen’s web ordering platform delivers strong security to ensure the protection of your applicant data.

Our system is hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS) in alignment with Tier III+ guidelines. Strong controls and safeguards have earned our platform a SOC2 Type 2 report and an Ei3PA Certification from Experian. It has also achieved compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Our platform is triple-replicated across 3 center to ensure consistent uptime above 99%, and to achieve an ultra-low RPO / RTO. Additional security is achieved by our use of TLS 1.2 – AES256 data encryption, and client-facing controls such as strong password complexity and required multi-factor authentication.

Flexible Ordering Options

We can adapt the ordering process to conveniently initiate orders a variety of different ways.

Direct from our Web Ordering Platform: Users can easily initiate orders from our secure background screening dashboard.

ATS Integration: Fair Screen boasts technical integration with more than 50 industry leading ATS and HRIS platforms.

Batch Submissions: Our team can accept group orders in batches.

Self-Registration URL: We can provide a multi-use URL that applicants use to initiate the process directly.

Flexible API: Have your own software or mobile recruiting app? Our API can likely link with your system? Don’t have your own mobile app, we can help you build one.

Improved Candidate Experience

You’ve worked hard to attract applicants and get them through the hiring process. Fair Screen can ensure that the background screening process is consistent with your branding and flows smoothly for the applicant.

Mobile Friendly Platform: Ordering platform and electronic forms are optimized for mobile devices.

Simple Text Initiation: The process can begin with a convenient text message to your applicant.

Electronic Authorization Forms: The Fair Screen platform can host all the necessary state and federal authorization forms.

ATS / HRIS or API Connection: Linking with your recruiting application system will likely eliminate or limit data entry by the applicant.

Custom / Branded Communication: Clients can brand much of forms and platform to ensure consistency for your applicants throughout the process.

Integrated Drug / Occupational Health: The Fair Screen web ordering platform can make things simpler by reducing the number of steps your applicants need to complete.

Onboarding: Once an applicant is approved for hire, our team can initiate the next steps in onboarding. This can include things like electronic i9, tax credit research, or onboarding forms.

Did We Mention Fairness?
It is our mission statement! The Fair Screen platform does more to assure candidates of your commitment to fair hiring from start to finish.

Client Customization

Job-Specific Packages: We have over 100 different menu items, and we can help you use these ingredients to construct job-specific packages that match with the level of risk associated with each job or job category.

Custom Relevancy Scoring: Fair Screen can review any adverse information present on a subject’s report to determine if the record is relevant to the position.

Customized Adjudication Workflow: Clients can create specific workflow rules for when relevant records are found to ensure consistency and that the proper HR team members are notified.

EEOC Individualized Assessment: When criminal records may lead to denial, Fair Screen can help you conduct an Individualized Assessment process to gather more context about rehabilitation and work history since the time of conviction and/or completion of the sentence. The result can be a more informed decision by the employer.