Fair Screen offers specialized services to help healthcare providers meet their policy initiatives, regulatory requirements, and health accreditation demands.

These services can be configured as a job specific component within your pre-hire screening packages, and also performed during employment. Our services include professional license verification, and exclusion monitoring.

Professional License Verification

Fair Screen’s Professional License Verification confirms professional licenses claimed by your applicants.

We work with the primary source / issuing agency to complete the confirmation. Results typically include the license type, current status, license number, the date of issuance / expiration, and any listed disciplinary actions or restrictions.

The Fair Screen team can deliver fast, efficient, and consistent results that are well-documented for regulatory purposes. We save you the time and money of having your internal teams verify licensure.

Professional License Monitoring

Want to establish ongoing monitoring of licensure or credentials?  We can help you establish a program for this and/or perform periodic re-checks to ensure compliance.

Registry Checks

Fair Screen can search various state registries to help determine if your applicant has been identified as someone who is required to register as a sex offender, or has committed adult abuse.

We offer sex offender searches in all states, US territories and several Indian reservations. Adult Abuse Registries can be provided in about half of US states. These registries were created to restrict an offender’s ability to gain employment in healthcare, and to protect seniors over age 60 and disabled adults over age 18. 

Exclusion Searches

Our team can search a variety of state and federal exclusion sources to help make sure your job applicants haven’t been excluded from participation in federal health care programs.

Different than many competitors, our team works hard to conclusively match possible records…rather than making them your problem that you need to then follow up on. Talk to our team to learn more about how we can make the process convenient for you.

US Department of Health & Human Services

OIG list of Excluded Individuals & Entities (LEIE)

National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)

General Services Administration

System for Award Management (SAM)

Includes Federal Agency Debarments (Previously EPLS)

US Food & Drug Administration

Office of Regulatory Affairs Debarment List

Office of Regulatory Affairs Warning List

US Drug Enforcement Administration

Diversion Control Program – Cases Against Doctors

Diversion Control Program – Administrative Actions Against Doctors

US Department of the Treasury

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)


Tricare Sanctions List

State Exclusionary Lists

State Medicaid Exclusion Lists (where available)

Sex Offender & Abuse Registries

Exclusion Monitoring

Want to establish ongoing monitoring of exclusions for your employees, contractors, or health insurance providers?

We can help you establish a program for this and/or perform periodic re-checks to ensure compliance. Talk to our team to learn more about this.