Reference Checks

Fair Screen’s reference services quickly deliver insightful information you can use to make better hiring decisions.

Our advanced product allows you to go deeper than just what is on the resume and learn about strengths/weaknesses, organizational skills, accomplishments, and how the applicant functions in a team and handles stress.

We offer clients a standard set of probative questions, or you can write your own. Our team will consistently gather this information for your review.

We offer two reference formats:

Interview: Our trained staff works to contact each reference to conduct a probative interview of former supervisors, managers, or other provided references.

Electronic Survey: We engage the applicant to collect the contact information of multiple references who meet your requirements. References are then engaged electronically to gather feedback to build a 360° view of your applicant.

Work History Verification

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests that more than half the information contained on resumes is inaccurate.

This ranges from embellishments to outright fraud. Employers rely on resume information to evaluate job applicants, and bad data here can lead to bad hires.

Fair Screen can help you validate an applicant’s work history including dates of employment, title, and eligibility for rehire (where available).

Our team takes the hassle out of employment verification with a comprehensive approach designed to quickly navigate to the right departments to complete the verification. When messages are left, call backs are routed to available live agents to complete the verification…instead of an endless voicemail runaround.

If desired for situations where the previous employer has gone out of business or is unresponsive after numerous attempts, Fair Screen can work directly with your applicant to gather alternative verification details to substantiate work history.

  • FAST Turn Time
  • Integrated Options
  • Industry-Leading Completion Rate
  • A+ Candidate Experience

Degree Verification

The education history found on resumes can often be incomplete or even fraudulently inaccurate.

Our team will contact the institution’s registrar (or their authorized agent) to verify the degree, certificate or diploma was earned. Typical results include institution name, dates of attendance, type of degree, major, and date received.  Most employers typically verify the highest degree earned.

If desired, our team can leave verifications open longer than the traditional 5 business days in order to allow institutions more time to respond. Talk to our team for more details.

If desired for situations where the educational institution has closed or is unresponsive after numerous attempts, Fair Screen can work directly with your applicant to gather alternative details to substantiate work history such as transcripts or copies of diplomas.

Professional License Verification

Fair Screen’s Professional License Verification confirms professional licenses claimed by your applicants.

We work with the primary source / issuing agency to complete the confirmation. Results typically include the license type, current status, license number, the date of issuance / expiration, and any listed disciplinary actions or restrictions.

The Fair Screen team can deliver fast, efficient, and consistent results that are well-documented for regulatory purposes. We save you the time and money of having your internal teams verify licensure.