It’s Time to Take Your Employment References From 0 to 360!

Fair Screen’s electronic references can quickly deliver a broad range of feedback to improve your hiring success.

Employers see the upside in getting insight from a job applicant’s former supervisors, managers, and coworkers. This is precisely the kind of information recruiters need to make great hires and find applicants who will stay long-term. However, employers often grumble about the amount of time involved with conducting these interviews, and they question how insightful references can be since the applicant typically cherry picks one or two people who will say good things.

Fair Screen offers a breakthrough electronic reference service which can change all this…for the better.

Reduced Time to Hire

HR recruiters wear many hats. Outsourcing references to a company who can intensely focus on them will eliminate delays and deliver faster turn time. In addition, it also frees up time to for recruiters to focus on important work…like finding more applicants.

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

Consistency is the name of the game. Our process first delivers the ability to uniquely customize interview questions to the position to ensure feedback is valuable. Then our team seeks out this same information for all candidates every time. Our up-front customization ensures relevance, and consistency in collecting data reduces unconscious bias.

Convenience Increases Response Rate

Traditional phone references typically have the difficult task of tracking down former leaders during normal business hours. HR teams that try to do this themselves often experience a significant amount of phone tag. And those who outsource often have the negative experience of vendors returning a high percentage of references as “unable to verify” due to no timely response. Our electronic solution works 24/7 allowing respondents to give their feedback late at night, all through the convenience of our mobile-friendly platform.

Confidence in the Validity of Feedback

Compared to other electronic solutions on the market, our solution is NOT anonymous. This prevents the applicant from fraudulently sending invitations out to friends and family. Clients can specify that references must have had a professional history with the applicant, such as a former supervisor or manager. In order to get a 360-degree perspective of the applicant, some employers also seek feedback from co-workers and/or customers.

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